Tinnekke Bebout is an author, priestess, practitioner of the divinatory arts, and teacher. She travels throughout the United States offering workshops and rituals designed to share and grow ideas and create deep spiritual experiences. 

Her works include The Dance of the Mystai, a book that introduces the world to the Mystai of the Moon Tradition, and its method of experiencing a connection to the Divine through personal growth and participation in a modern mystery tradition. She was also a contributor to Hekate Her Sacred Fires, the seminal book about the modern community of devotees of Hekate, as well as several short fiction anthologies.

Tinnekke is also creator of The Stone Oracle, a method of divination which involves use of semi-precious stones in an original form of the time-honored tradition of lithomancy. She is also co-creator of The Hekate Tarot with sister priestess Hope Ezerins.