About Tinnekke

 Born and raised in the midwest, Tinnekke Bebout grew up slowly finding her voice as a writer. Her first non-academic assays into the art involved poetry she created while still in high school as well as her first attempt at a novel. Since leaving academia as a young woman, she has found her creative outlets mostly through the genres of poetry and essays. Recently Tinnekke has begun stretching herself into the realm of short fiction as a contributor to the recent anthologies Taboo, Love Down Under, and For Love of the Gods. She is planning a novel-length piece at this time based on the story of Thetis, mother of Akhilles. 

Tinnekke is the author of The Dance of the Mystai (Pagan Writers Press 2013). She also contributed to Hekate Her Sacred Fires as well as Pagan Writers Presents Samhain. She is co-creator of The Hekate Tarot , a devotional project in honor of Hekate, with Hope Ezerins, a sister Priestess in the Mystai of the Moon tradition. She has also been published in such periodicals as Goddess, Circle, PanGaia, The Loom, Askei Kataskei, and The Goat and Candle. 

Legally ordained through The Apple Branch, a tradition of Dianic Wicca, Tinnekke has been on her personal spiritual Path for over 3 decades. In 2008, she founded of the Mystai of the Moon Tradition, and carries the title of Priestess of the Flames within their Rites; she currently teaches the ways of the Mystai Path through The Lyceum Magissai, which is the school of the Mystai tradition. As a Mentor Sister of the Mystai, she teaches women a Mystery Tradition that has at its heart recreating the ancient mysteries of Hekate and revisioning them for the modern era. Tinnekke has been a TorchBearer in the Covenant of Hekate since June 2013 and carries the Flame of Hekate in the Temple of Our Lady of the Waters, which is dedicated to Hekate Einalian.